Eleology’s Next Step: A Strategic Partnership with University of West Attica & Professor George Zakynthinos

Eleology is a pioneer in the agrifood sector and aims to inspire other businesses in the same field to transform their production status to more sustainable methods, where the interaction between environment-economy-society will be able to support the welfare of communities while ensuring continuous prosperity. Eleology is currently actively involved in the sector of high phenolic organic extra virgin olive oil from the area of the Municipality of Erymanthos with the aim of distributing and marketing high quality olive oil products at the national and international level under the trade name “OGEA”. 

Eleology aspires to bring together farmers, academics and businesses who share a similar vision to create a synergistic structure which ensures the sustainable production and sale of organic olive oil. Ogea olive oil is mainly addressed to Asian Countries who are welcome Natural Products and show a unique interest on food products which provide health benefits. To fulfill its vision, Eleology sought out a partner with the necessary experience and know-how to support the company’s activites with regards to the above objectives and to ensure the high quality of the production of the raw material at a technological and scientific level.  

To this end Eleology created a Strategic Partnership with the University of West Attica & Professor George Zakynthinos who is also supported by a group of qualified professionals. This is how the idea of the ‘’ELAIO TECH SUPPORT PROJECT’’ was born. 

The project team consists of the following:

Professor George Zakynthinos, Project Leader

Professor at the Department of Public and Community Health, University of Athens, West Attica. He has worked as a professor for nineteen (19) years at the Department of Food Science and Technology of the University of Peloponnese and served for ten (10) years as Chairman of the said Department. Founder of Postgraduate Studies on Technology and quality on Table Olive and Olive Oil where he was working as Director. Also he founded the Institutional Laboratory on “Nutraceuticals” and he had the direction and supervision of that Laboratory for five (5) years. He is vice president of the oldest scientific club “FILEOS” in Greece for the Olive Oil sector, https://filaios.org/.

John Koumbouros, Team Member

Professor/Lecturer at the National Centre for Public Administration and Local Government in Project Management (EKDDA) and at the Institute of Vocational Training of EKDDA in (a) Project Management, (b) Health Management, (c) Biomedical Technology and (d) informatics on Agricultural Practices. He is responsible for synergy tools and e-platforms development regarding information on the olive oil producers and buyers.

John Sarros, Team Member

Journalist & Agricultural Technician – Certified Agricultural Consultant in the register of Hellenic Research Body “DEMETER”, as well as an associate auditor of Organic Farming of the European Certification Organization DIO.

Pelagia Monou, Team Member

Agronomist, specializing in Agricultural Economics and Development and holding a master’s degree in integrated development and management of Rural Areas. She has 17 years of work experience in the olive oil industry. 

George Chrysanthakopoulos, Team Member Experienced in gastronomy, marketing, and product production of Olive Oil

Alexia Zakynthinou, Team Member

Dietician/Nutritionist Graduate of Harokopio University in Greece. She has specialized in the development of health-protective products and functional Foods. Through her Nutritionist duties she will support the development of new products for Eleology, based on olives and olive oil.